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The only thing silos are good for is corn.

Today, CRE data is maintained in silos, from legal documents and generic databases to spreadsheets, emails and even hand-written notes, all often created through multiple interpretations, rekeys, and reconciliations.

None of these silos gives the single “source of truth” for the data every CRE owner needs.


 One CRE Data Management Platform

Leaseable saves effort, shortens reporting time, and improves analysis and insights with one data platform that delivers CRE owners verifiable lease data at their fingertips.


See Everything In One Place

Bring it all together. See all of your important tenant and lease information at a glance with dynamic lease summaries that make abstraction obsolete.

No more hide & seek. Filter and search for any data point in any report or document with impunity.

From chaos to clarity. From the source document to the rent roll, you get complete transparency about what your data is and where it came from. Trust your data with peace of mind and do it stress free.


Effortless By Design

Consumer-like experience. We don’t believe CRE software needs to be clunky and complex. Leaseable’s intuitive, beautiful interface means more productivity, fewer errors, and less training.

Full data transparency. We designed Leaseable to be clear so, at a glance, you can easily trace any extracted data back to its source.


Stop Digging, Start Deciding

Less digging, more results. Search across all your data and instantly find what you are looking for with dynamic summaries and real-time term history.

Always be in the know. Essential reporting keeps you updated whether a tenant is about to expire, a ROFO is due, or you just need a glance at the latest stacking plan.

“The organization, transparency and visibility is fantastic. Many executives don’t realize how much time this stuff takes or how many things are missed.
— Jason Trailov, Principal & Director of Asset Management, R2
“After people see Leaseable, they will be angry that they cannot use it right away. This is outstanding.
— Jim Quilty, Vice President, Equity Commonwealth


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