Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Lisa Tran from Leaseable

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reprinted from GeekEstateBlog

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Lisa Tran from Leaseable.

Who are you, and what do you do? 

I never thought I’d say this, but commercial real estate is captivating. My name is Lisa, I’m the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Leaseable (more on that in a bit) and I’ve been drinking from the CRE fountain for the last two years. I wear multiple hats at our company. First and foremost, I own every element of the product from its conceptualization to its launch and post-launch performance. I also manage a team of engineers and designers to ensure “things get done” in the most efficient way possible. As Co-Founder, I have an even broader responsibility and impact on the kind of company we want to be – our overall mission and vision, the people we hire, and the culture we embody.

What problem does your product/service solve?

Leaseable provides a data management system for CRE owners so they can better use their lease data to make informed decisions. Look at any CRE market map today and you’ll see a bunch of AI, Big Data, and IoT solutions that frankly jump the gun when it comes to the real pain points of our customers. If it takes a week to pull together a rent roll for a portfolio or a day to find encumbrance history for a tenant, who cares about facial recognition at a building entrance? This is a symptom of a bigger technology conundrum. Many CRE startups claim a “customer first” approach but already have some convoluted tech solution they are just trying to justify. At Leaseable, we tested solutions with customers first before we wrote a single line of code. Their pain was clear and pervasive, and Leaseable Cloud was born. We’re now solving the data problem with machine intelligence through a cloud-native product that provides a single source of data truth to CRE owners.

What are you most excited about right now?

This time and this business is exactly where I feel I need to be right now. I’ve been working in SaaS and startups for almost a decade and strongly believe in the transformative power of technology. What gets me up in the morning is knowing our solution is truly benefiting our customers and ensuring that Leaseable continues to deliver on that promise every day.

What’s next for you?

We have some very exciting capabilities lined up on our roadmap and that we’re committed to delivering in the next 3-6 months. As our customers’ asks grow, we are also tackling interesting challenges in analytics and insights. Lots to do!

What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

As the first person in both sides of my family to attend higher education and obtain a bachelor’s degree, I understand first-hand what an equalizer education can be. As a result of my personal experiences, my passion is to ensure that these opportunities for growth are available – especially for disadvantaged individuals everywhere.

Ayca Yuksel