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Welcome to Leaseable!


A message from Cameron Steele

Welcome to Leaseable!

Hello, I’m Cameron Steele, co-founder and CEO of Leaseable, and I want to welcome you to our team! As a talented individual who has plenty of career options, my co-founders, fellow employees and I are thrilled that you have decided to join us.

Joining a startup is not for everyone - but we think there is no better place to spend your professional time and effort. We have challenges: very few people know who we are, we are building a brand new product, we are doing something nobody else has done before, and there is a lot of work to do just to survive! However, we can assure you that you’ll be working on interesting problems and can expect to learn more than ever from your co-workers, customers and partners. 

This experience will be intense, with higher highs and lower lows than you’ve likely experienced elsewhere; and change will be constant - the company and role you have today will undoubtedly be different as time passes. We’ll celebrate success each step of the way, and support each other as we make mistakes, address problems, and learn as a team. While there is never a guarantee of success in anything we do in our professional lives, our chances of winning are much greater here with our shared belief and dedication.

At Leaseable we value two groups above all others: 1) our customers and 2) our fellow employees. Our investors, partners, and communities are very important as well - however, we are committed to our customers’ success and our employees’ sense of purpose and community - and with these priorities, I know we will experience organizational success, personal growth and professional fulfillment.

Our company values are captured in the following list:

  • Customer-Powered

  • Consequential

  • Create Together

  • Candid

  • Cultivate Personal and Professional Growth

Hopefully, these values resonate with you, and accompany your decision to join Leaseable.

Let’s start building today!

Warmest regards,




Our Mission & Values


Our mission

Our mission is to elevate commercial real estate data into accessible and actionable knowledge.

Why each word matters:

Elevate: CRE firms want to get more from their data and analytics but are mired in low-level activities that prevent them from advancing to more strategic objectives.

Data & Knowledge:  Data is raw. It’s numbers. It’s text.  Information is more useful. It is both a collection of data and the context for its interpretation. Knowledge runs even deeper. It is the collective information you have acquired in your field of expertise.  We work to transform data into knowledge for ourselves and our customers.

Accessible & Actionable:  Accessible and actionable information is functional. It’s useful and convenient.  It’s there when you need it.  It’s precise, undeniable, convincing, and most importantly, decision-ready.

Our Core Values

We are CUSTOMER POWERED because we exist to solve our customers’ most pressing problems. Our customers want relevancy and authenticity, and we work vigorously to exceed their expectations as well as  to earn and retain their trust.  

We are CONSEQUENTIAL because we focus on what’s important. We are willing to take pragmatic risks in order to make a meaningful impact and a lasting difference. We deliver products that meet our own high standards and earn our customers’ love.

We CREATE TOGETHER because we are only as good as those around us. We strive to build a caring, diverse community of creators – a collaborative team with an open door policy. We feel a sense of happiness that comes from achieving our collective purpose.   

We are CANDID - open, honest and respectful with each other. We listen and communicate candidly even when it makes us uncomfortable. We believe constructive, respectful disagreement and debate encourages better decisions. We commit fully once decisions are made.

We CULTIVATE PERSONAL GROWTH  because we are always seeking opportunities to educate ourselves.  Time is of the essence and we don’t wait to be told what to do. This philosophy extends to our professional growth, with employees  empowered to go after challenges and take quick, decisive action based on data and deduction.


Hello My Name Is...

We want to learn more about you!  Make a “Hello My Name Is” slide and tell us a little about yourself.




The Leaseable Rules and other company policies reflect a commitment to our core values. As such, we hope and expect that you will strive to do great things with other members of our work family, search for better solutions and then top them, revel in your work, make us proud and play fair, play hard, and play to win.

Beyond these values, we also trust that team members will strive for reliability, dependability, and high-level competence in their roles.  As a Leaseable employee, you are expected to comply with our CODE OF CONDUCT and any other applicable laws, regulations, expectations, policies, procedures and guidelines that apply to your position. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.



About Leaseable


Leaseable  is the leading digital leasing platform for commercial real estate companies. Leaseable  makes lease management more efficient through effortless access to information and instinctive collaboration across teams. With built-in timeline management and automated documents guiding every action, teams using Leaseable work more effectively. By bringing data about portfolio and lease activities into a single system of action, the Leaseable user’s visibility is improved into what really drives results. 

Leaseable was founded in 2018. Our privately-held, early-stage startup is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Seattle, NYC and Chicago. If you speak to us, you’ll probably see that across any geography, across all our roles, at our heart we are a group of customer-obsessed individuals working toward a common goal while walking the walk in all that we do.

A Culture of Trust

We want and expect our team members to think for themselves, so we’re not big on micromanaging. We hope to provide you lots of leadership and very little management. We are careful to hire amazing people. Our goal is to unleash you to perform at your peak and stay out of your way. We don’t have lots of rules and policies here by design. You are an amazing adult and we trust you to carve your own path, set your own priorities, and ask for help when you need it.






We offer all the typical benefits you’d expect from an early stage, growth-minded startup. We want to make you comfortable so you can focus on doing great work. Our benefits are continually evolving, and we welcome your input on how we can make this an even better place for you to work and thrive.

Dress for success:  Unlike the button-up work environments you may have experienced, dress at Leaseable is relaxed. Our only request is that you don’t dress in a way that would disappoint your parents.

Owning a Piece of the Company:  We value employee ownership for full-time employees, and we expect each full time employee to participate in our equity option program.

Vacation and Sick Leave Policies

Our general rule of thumb is “if you need time off - take time off.” Just make sure you’re communicating with your manager when you plan to be out.

Vacation Leave: Take what you need. Taking breaks is important, and we encourage folks step away whenever they need to recharge.

Sick Leave: If you’re under the weather, do us all a favor and stay home. And don’t worry – you’ll still get paid.

Holidays: We follow these five paid holidays.

  • January 1, 2019 New Year’s Day

  • May 27, 2019 Memorial Day

  • July 4, 2019 Independence Day

  • November 28, 2019 Thanksgiving Day

  • November 29, 2019 Day After Thanksgiving*

  • December 25, 2019 Christmas Day



How our teams work



We use a smorgasbord of communication tools: email, in-person meetings, Google Hangouts, coffee runs to Starbucks, and all-company gatherings, just to name a few. We’re not an email-heavy place; instead, we rely on Slack.

Scheduling Meetings

No one is off limits! Share your Google calendar and add calendars of anyone across the organization. Because we work remotely, we err towards more meetings than not.  Allow folks to opt out rather than opt in.  But before you schedule, ask yourself if everyone you’re inviting needs to be there … or even if you can just handle the issue during a quick Slack with a colleague.

Work Week

A startup’s work is never done, but that doesn’t mean we work all the time. Most of our employees start their day between 8-10am, and many have a standard 40-hour work week. We recognize that everyone is different, so staying flexible is important. By collaborating with your team, you can tailor your schedule to meet specific demands. Keep in mind time zone differences.  We are on a semimonthly payroll schedule which can be found here.

Rules of Engagement

Give benefit of the doubt always

Assume only the best when interacting with each other. Tone and intention can sometimes get lost through the phone/computer so it’s better to assume we only mean the best at all times. This will alleviate any misunderstandings.

Set expectations for each and every interaction

Set expectations, even if the expectation is “no expectation”.  Following a structure levels the playing field so everyone has the same experience, and reduces frustrations that would otherwise result from ambiguous outcomes and incomplete decisions . Being clear and sharing goals, agendas, required level of engagement, next steps, etc supports a culture of fairness and transparency.

Make remote work

Our reality will always include remote offices and coworkers. Embrace the pros and minimize the cons.  Be sensitive to time zones, context setting and diverse experiences knowing that healthy teamwork contributes to better outcomes.



See you soon!


See you Soon!

We are so excited to have you join our team.  Your time here will be one of adventure, learning, hard work, and excitement.  See you soon!

Many thanks to the Motley Fool and a myriad of other employee handbooks from which we borrowed/stole/copied.