Reduce the risk of managing your legally binding lease data

The CRE data management platform that tracks data from the source document to the final report.


 Great user interface (UI) is worth a thousand words

Intuitive UI that is easy to use and purpose-built for CRE

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See Everything

• Access relevant data quickly. Always keep CRE data connected to its source.

• Gain full transparency. Get real-time insights across your entire portfolio.

• Trust and verify. Validate your CRE data with only a few clicks.


Always know the latest on your CRE data

• Track and trace in real-time. Track CRE data in real-time from source to destination.

• See everything in a timeline. Leaseable captures every change to your CRE data, so you can easily go back and answer why, what, and when questions.


All your data in one place

Your information cockpit. The Leaseable Lease Summary puts all of your key data and information at your fingertips to help you make faster decisions.

No more app switching. Rent rolls, encumbrance schedules, critical dates and stacking plans are all deeply integrated into the platform. Everything is connected and seamlessly works together.


Context is everything

Make smarter, faster, more informed decisions


Context Aware

• Everyone on the same page. Securely view data in Leaseable so everyone has instant access to the same information. No more emails back and forth.

• Contact management. Easily manage and organize contacts and accounts so everyone on the team has access to the right information all in one place.

Context-driven experience. Context is integrated into every aspect of the interface providing situational awareness to take quick actions from anywhere.


 A Foundation of Reliability

Mission Critical Infrastructure

Easily Connect and Securely View

  • Always available. Leaseable’s infrastructure runs on AWS to ensure fault tolerance and reduce risks of downtime. 

  • Secure by design. Leaseable is run on multi-tenant platform data centers with reliable power that is designed to secure and protect your most important data with encryption in transit and at rest.

  • Enterprise-class 99.9% SLAs and backup systems provide the peace of mind that you would expect from an enterprise-grade system.


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